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Chlorination Guide
Power Plant Chlorination
Sea Water Chlorination
Combo Unit
Gas Chlorinator
Vapouriser Steam
Hypochlorite Generators
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Chlorine Dioxide Generators
UV Sterilizer System for Cooling Water
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M443 Model semi Vacuum Gas chlorinator - capacities upto 50 kg/hr Indigenously Designed
gas chlorinator system first time India installed in public health dept Ahemedabad, Gunjarat

    Mr. P. S. Nathan - on right side (Founder)
1970 powai water works - Central chlorination house for greater bombay at powai
Replacement of 40  - 50 tonner connections for gas withdrawal replaced
with electrically heated waterbath evaporater for the first time in India.
using only one tonner for chlorine supply - 150 kg/hr
1972 First indigenously designed and manufactured. Steam heated chlorine vapourizer
of capacity -300 kg/hr at Dombivili mumbai.
1972 First indigenous  sea water chlorination plant for
THERMAL POWER STATION -consultant - Czek consultants.-Installation
at Ennore thermal power station- 1x 300 kg/hr evaporator & 2 x 150 kg/hr gas chlorinator.
1974 First export of 2 x100kg/hr  Gas chlorination system
for Prai  thermal power station at  Malaysia.
1975 First LPG vapourizer - 100 kg /hr for L&T powai,Mumbai  - Indegenouly designed
and manufactured for heat treatment furnace firing.
1976 First Ferrous sulphate dosing system for Passivation of Sea water circuit
at Madras atomic power plant kalpakkam.
1977 CEA -constructed power station at Badarpur,to meet delhi power requirement -
operated by NTPC today - 2 x 150 kg/hr- First higher capacity
semi- vacuum & semi automatic gas chlorinator being operated till today.
1978 Replacement and refurbishment of imported W & T Chlorination system 
with indigenous supplies - 100 kg/hr  - for Atomic power plant ,kalpakkam ,Chennai ,India.
1979 Replacement and Refurbishment of imported W & T Chlorination system 
with indigenous supplies - 150 kg/hr  - for Rajasthan Atomic power plant,
unit 1,kota,Rajasthan ,India.
1978-1979 Indigenous total chloriantion system - Narora Atomic power station
& Kakrapra Atomic power station.

Inhouse demonstration of Chlorine Gas leak absorbtion system capacity 1000kg/hr
caustic neutralization facility - using absorbtion tower and caustic recirculation facility.
Subsequently worked with many consultants to frame specification for Neutralization system.

1987-88 Nitrogen and chlorine -mixture fluxing system to sparge in to molten
aluminium in furnace for slag removal - Indegenously desiged
and developed system for INDAL - Cochin,Hirakud,Howra.
1990 6 x 100 m3/hr Side stream filteration system, H2SO4 storage
and handling and dosing system for Nagarjuna Fertilizer, kakinada-based on inhouse design
& detail engineering under DCPL Kotkata.
1993 Indigenously designed fluidized bed reactor dryer using Hcl @ 600 Deg C
for drying of Mg cl2 - a defense initiative. IEC is a team member
for design & execution in a team of DMRL, NFC, CECRI, IGCAR
& TMML All Inconel - 600construction.
1994 First Refinary Installation - 2 x 150m3/hr and 2 x 200m3/h
Side stream filteration system for IOCL panipat refinary,India for CWTP based on Inhouse Design
and detail enggineering under EIL,INDIA consultancy
Under Fabriction at works.
At site as Installed
1996 IEC converted in to a Limited company.

Introduction of Indigenously designed and manufactured small electrochlorination systems
to suit remote Indian operating conditions. Many models from micro to large
capacities working satisfactorily installation.100s units in service
at Poultry segment,Hospitals,Hotels,Schools and Homes for Sanitation requirements.

1 lit - Model
3 lit - Model
400 lit - Model
200 lit - Model

First 2500kg/hr Chlorine vapourizer indigenously designed,
Manufactured, commissioned for an Indian customer.

1999 First PLC based Auto - chlorination facility (slug dosing)
designed,installated at Lanco Kondapalli power - 355MW  CCPP,India
2000 First sea water Electrochlorination system for NTPC, at Simhadri 2 x 20 kg/hr. IEC joined hands
with M/s Electrocatalytic Ltd, UK and fully executed the project successfully.
This plant was the Countries first System for power plant application.
2 x 20 kg/hr
2 x 20 kg/hr

A computer generared - To scale- model of 2 x 20kg/hr Electrochlorination plant.

2003 APPROVED by NTPC as an only Indigenous vendor for Design,Manufacture and supply of
Power plant Gas chlorination systems for their Power projects.

Bayonet type steam heated chlorine vaporizer – Indigenously designed manufactured & installed
for an Indian customer. Capacity -2500 kg/hr.Special Feature - Large capacity - Small foot print


First export to China - SO2 vaporizer system Installed
at Chengdu, Central China & subequent installatons at
- Kunshan, Shaghai
- Donguan, Province, Near Hong Kong
- Tianjin, Near Beijing

2005 - 2006 Jointly Promoted First Biomass power project of size - 7.5 MW in
Tamil nadu,INDIA- a govt approved CDM project and successfully registrered in 
UNFCC- eligible for carbon credit.

First indigenously designed, manufactured vapourizer system for R 23 - 100kg/hr 
for a Clean development mechanism project for an Indian customer using German technology
for incineration of R23. Installed in Gujarat, for 2 different Indian customers.


IEC got successfully registered with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.


IEC has successfully bagged order from NTECL a joint venture of NTPC & Tamil Nadu Electricity
Corporation Limited for Hybrid CW Gas Chlorination + Makeup Water Electrochlorination System
alongwith Civil, Mechanical, Electrical on Turnkey basis EPC order for Indian Rupees 105 millions. 

By bagging this order IEC becomes the first and the only qualified Chlorination System Vendor
in India as a “Direct Contractor” to NTPC GROUP, a leading Power Major in India.

2010 Tie up with Daiki-Ataka Japan for Sea Water ECS plants for Indian Projects.
  IEC FABCHEM Limited & overseas Japanese partner M/s. DAIKI ATAKA, Tokyo, Japan
jointly bagged the 3x125 kg/hr Sea water Electro Chlorination system order
for Coastal Energen Private Ltd in Tuticorin.
2011 Successfully formed a strategic business alliance with Helcraw International, Zimbabwe
& got an order for execution of replacement & revamping of CW Treatment plant
at Hwange Thermal Power station – Unit I in Western Zimbabwe and successfully
supplied, erected, commissioned & handed over the system in 8 months.
2012 After successful, satisfactory & quick implementation of CW Treatment plant
at Hwange Thermal Power station – Unit I M/s. Zimbabwe Power Company
has placed an repeat order for Zimbabwe Thermal Power Plant – Unit II.
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