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Gas Detection Chloralarm - Model: CLD-997


The widespread use of chlorine in water treatment plants, flour mills, power stations and chemical processing plants underlines the need for accurate monitoring equipment to warn of gas escape. Fast, precise indication of chlorine levels safeguards both human life and valuable equipment.

To provide this protection, IEC has produced CHLORALARM, which is a permanently-installed chlorine gas warning system. CHLORALARM provides a completely reliable warning system whose modular design makes it suitable for all applications.

CHLORALARM'S sensor system operates on an amperometric principle, in which the sensor is a electrochemical device. The presence of chlorine changes the standing current in direct proportion to the amount of gas present. This change is then measured on the control circuit and displayed on the meter. Alarms are then initiated at preset levels.

The sensor is supplied dry, the electrolyte being added on installation.

The sensor is an electrochemical cell with electrolyte and platinum electrodes.

  • Stable operation in all weather or climatic conditions.

  • Low maintenance costs.

  • Consistently out-performs competitive instruments in laboratory and field tests.

  • Unique test function.

  • Two-year sensor guarantee.

CHLORALARM-Chlorine gas detection system, consists of a control unit and a sensor. On the face of the control unit are mounted luminous diodes, indicator, reset, failure and test buttons. The cell consists of two platinum electrodes encircled by a wick. The cell is connected to the control unit through a coaxial cable.

Chlorine gas is heavier than air. Hence the cell should be mounted at an elevation of 350 mm from the floor of the room. The leak detector can operate in the temperature range between 0 deg. C and 45 deg. C.

In the event of chlorine leak, an electrochemical reaction is triggered on. The electric current generated by such an electrochemical reaction is proportional to the chlorine gas concentration in the air. The concentration of chlorine gas present at any time in the room, is visually indicated on a 0-5 ppm scale.

The moment the concentration of chlorine gas in air exceeds the preset valve, the control unit initiates an audio visual alarm. Besides this, a relay is also actuated which provides a potential-free contact for actuating exhaust fan and chlorine leak disaster prevention system. As soon as the conditions returns to normal, the alarm contact moves back to its normal position.

Under conditions when the preset valve is exceeded for a duration exceeding ten seconds, the luminous diode ALARM HORN will glow and a relay will be energized. The alarm horn connected to the potential-free contact of the relay will remain energized until it is reset by means of the alarm reset button.

The control unit has an electronic circuit to check the function of the total system. The CELL FAILURE alarm diode and TEST button will glow simultaneously in the event of the detector cell running dry or the electrolyte being exhausted. The lights will also glow, if the coaxial cable probe is damaged.



Measurement range

0-5 ppm chlorine.

Operating temperature

0 deg. C to + 45 deg. C.

Power supply

220V± 10%, 50Hz

Power consumption

8 VA (approx)

Relay contact

Gas leak (cell alarm), general alarm (10 sec. after cell alarm. Stays until Reset button is pressed.)

Cell failure (dry electrode, rupture of connecting cable)

Principle of operation

Amperometric electrochemical sensor

Gas feed system

Diffusion controlled.

Response time

less than or equal to six seconds.


±5% of full scale reading.


visual by LED, audible by horn.

Working Contacts

voltage-free, single pole double throw rated at 220V, AC, 4A, resistive.


2m coaxial cable

Warm-up time

less than one minute.

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