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Chlorination Guide
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UV Sterilizer System for Cooling Water
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  • UV light will kill any DNA based micro organism when give enough UV dosage.
  • UV break micro organism’s DNA in a cumulative basis.
  • Continuous disinfection in cooling water. If micro organism is not effectively deactivated on the first disinfection cycle and in the next cycle it get UV treated.
  • For 90% kill algae 30000 µWs/cm2 is required for one cycle .
  • UV spectrum between 185-400nm has a strong germicidal effect, with peak effectiveness at 265nm.
  • UV works instantaneously against all water-borne microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and protozoa – including those resistant to chlorine.
  • UV systems are also very easy to use and can be effectively monitored and integrated with online process control systems.
  • UV disinfection systems are very compact, modular and easy to
    install into existing water treatment systems.
  • UV does not cause the formation of chemical disinfection by-
    products, many of which can have undesired effects of their own.
  • UV sterilizer is eco-friendly and cost effective.
S.No Suggested Maximum Flow Rate LPH Inlet/Outlet pipe size(NB)
UVM-01 750 15
UVM-02 1500 20
UVM-03 3000 25
UVM-04 5000 25
UVM-05 10000 40
UVM-06 15000 50
UVM-07 20000 50
UVM-08 25000 65
UVM-09 27000 65
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