Vertical Bayonet Steam Heated

Vertical Bayonet Steam Heated

IEC vertical bayonet style vaporizers are high-quality chemical evaporation systems. They are versatile enough to be used for a variety of process liquids in a wide variety of plants, they come with the option of ASME U-stamp.

IEC FABCHEM has constructed over 500 vertical bayonet vaporizer systems for a wide ranging catalog of process fluids Some of the more common applications are:
• Ammonia
• Chlorine
• Tri-methyl amine
• Di-methyle amine
• Tri-fluoro acetyl chloride
• C3-C6 Hydrocarbons (including LPG)
• Carbon Dioxide
• Di/Trichlorosilane
• Alcohols
• Silicon Tetrachloride
• Sulfur Dioxide

IEC manufactures vertical bayonet style vaporizers using carbon steel, stainless steels, and speciality alloys such as Hastelloy B/C series and Inconel grades. The unique bayonet (tube in tube) construction provides some key benefits over horizontal type vaporizers.
Anti-freeze safety. Incoming steam (or other heating fluid) continuously heats outgoing condensate.
Superheat. Integral superheat capability may be provided.
Small Footprint. Vertical equipment occupies significantly less plot space than horizontal options.
Unlimited Turndown. The unit can operate at turndown approaching 100%.
Low Holdup Volume. The retained liquid volume is much smaller than alternative designs.
Capacity Control. The vaporization rate and liquid level are self-regulating with downstream demand.
Free tube expansion and contraction. Thermal stress is eliminated because tubes are only fixed at one end.

Left: Bayonet style 500kg Cl2 vaporizer    Right: Bayonet style 3000 kg Cl2 vaporizer

Side skirt supported design

Bayonet type vaporizer skid installed at site

3 x 2000 kg/hour steam heated chlorine vaporizer for a client in North India.

IEC’s first steam heated vaporizer
100 kg /hr steam heated LPG vaporizer for L&T powai, Mumbai for a heat treatment furnace application-Year 1975

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  • Vertical Bayonet Steam Heated
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