SEBAC Automatic Valveless filters for a remote Pacific Island

SEBAC Automatic Valveless filters for a remote Pacific Island

IEC took up the challenge to design and fabricate custom built AVG units for a remote pacific Island. The challenge was mainly to design filters which would work with the limited hydraulic gradient available at site. The inlet head available to the filters was only 4.5 meter (0.45 kg/cm2(g)).

Our SEBAC units were re-designed and simulated to work at a lower inlet head of only 4.5 meter. This is an industry leading figure for low head gravity filtration process. The filter’s primary duty was to remove suspended solids before being fed to the households in the Island.

Since the filters were to be supplied for potable water end users the internals of the filter were coated with 400 micron of potable grade epoxy. The backwash piping were stainless steel for long life. The 13 units of capacities ranging from 50 m3/hour to 100 m3/hour were packaged for the long sea journey consisting of three ship changes.

All 13 units were commissioned by the customer using our detailed manuals and remote installation support. This order is a landmark reference for the SEBAC AVG filtration technology in the pacific region.

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