Leak Absorption Packages

Leak Absorption Packages

IEC offers both the single stage and state of the art two stage wet scrubber for absorption of chlorine . The two-stage system is employed when the initial leak rate is expected to be very high.

The first stage is a venturi scrubber. This stage handles the bulk of the chlorine load and additionally creates the necessary suction draft to entrain the leaked gases into the system. The second stage is a packed tower filled with pall rings. This stage provides the necessary polishing to remove the fine quantities of remaining chlorine from the air mixture. IEC can design system which ensures an outlet concentration of less than 0.2 PPM.

State of the art PLC based 2-stage chlorine leak absorption system for a USA based customer, Year 2018

India’s first wet scrubber chlorine leak absorption system
IEC set the standard for leak handling and absorption systems. We built India’s first caustic wet scrubber chlorine leak absorption system in 1985. Chlorine was leaked at the rate of 1000 kg/hour and the absorption capacity was shown to the industry who were quick to adopt this system. Prior to this initiative by IEC, leaks were contained by rolling ton containers into deep pits and then dousing the container with the neutralization agent.

1000 kg/hour chlorine absorption tower demonstration in the year 1985.

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