Electrically Heated Hot Water Bath

Electrically Heated Hot Water Bath

The water bath is the heating medium in this type of vaporizer.It can be heated by electricity or steam. A stainless steel vaporizing tube bundle is submerged in the water bath. The heat into the bath is controlled to maintain a steady bath temperature. A mixture of glycol can also be used if the ambient temperature is likely to go below freezing.

Water Bath Vaporizers can be used to vaporize various cryogens and liquefied gases such as: nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, ammonia, chlorine, ethylene and LNG.

IEC Electric Water Bath Vaporizers offer an extremely reliable and high flow vaporizer option. The water ballast provides a sizable thermal mass that reduces peak power demand. Full power distribution and water bath temperature control is provided as part of the standard package. Standard units are available from 40 Kw to 2 MW.

The IEC Steam Sparged Water Bath Vaporizers offer a highly reliable and special care has been taken to avoid corrosion in the water bath. The water is maintained to a set point by injecting steam though proprietary steam injectors into the bath. The excess condensate is continually drained off. The bath provides a heat battery for vaporization even during steam cut-off.

Electric water bath vaporizer for R23 refrigerant, on the right Sulphur tri-oxide

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