Chlorine Gas Feeders

Chlorine Gas Feeders

"The pioneer in Gas feed chlorination"
The year is 1963, Our founder P.S. Nathan is busy developing an indigenous chlorine gas feeder. By the end of the year he manages to convince the Public Health department of Ahmedabad to try his equipment. The result-M443 gas feed “semi-vacuum” chlorinator becomes the first successful indigenous chlorination plant. The installation becomes a reference for Indian self-reliance in the disinfection business. The plant operated well into the 1980’s before its de-commissioning.

IEC gas chlorination systems are remote vacuum solution gas feeders. Our customers have the benefit of over 55 years of experience in gas dispensing technology. The family of gas chlorinators consist of a floor mounted unit with a maximum capacity of 250 kg/hour and compact wall mounted panels with a capacity of 50 kg/hour chlorine. Our evaporators and chlorinators have the capacity to handle various other chemicals such as ammonia, sulphur di-oxide and sulphur trioxide.

A modern Gas chlorination plant of capacity 3 x 200 kg/hour installed by IEC at Ukai Thermal Power plant at Ukai, Gujarat (2014)

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